Reasons to Get Excited About Your Creative Product

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Reasons to Get Excited About Your Creative Product
As I repeatedly stress, one of the often undiscussed absolutely crucial elements to succeeding as a creative person with a sustainable product, service and/or business, is to be excited and proud about what you do.
Unless we're crazy positive the whole time, it's very easy to occasionally lose focus and enthusiasm for what we work on and why we do it.

As such, I wanted to put together a handy little reference for you to look at to fuel the fire some more. Here are those reasons...
You have the potential to change the world. Think of well known creatives like Andy Warhol, J.K. Rowling, Steve Jobs, Hemingway, Leonardo da Vinci and Steven Spielberg.
How much did their creative output affect our lives and thoughts today?
You are bringing entertainment and joy to potentially thousands, and more
You are building up your self-reliance, especially if you take responsibility for your career or business
We are living in an age where we effectively have free reign to create anything we like, with access to all the tools we need to make it work. There is freedom in knowing this.
You are in an excellent position to inspire others, and there is huge satisfaction that can be reaped from this. Thank you Internet.
You're bringing something never before seen, into the world.
You are helping others in many ways, including through demonstrating what people are capable of, from scratch.
We are in an age where creative products and services are in the most demand they ever have been, as people and organizations realise the huge power of art and design in our lives.
You are creating value from a thought, and amazing process. You are making people happy who share in experienceing that creative output. Somebody stop you.
You are your own boss. Nuff said.
Creating can be a career, a livelihood, not just a side-hobby. You can make something truly great of your life with your creative powers.
You have a focal point for honing a craft or a skill that will allow you to become a respected master.
is this you?
Your creative work can be used as a stepping stone to contribute to the world in other ways, through the people it draws to you.
Your work contributes to the legacy of human expression, ingenuity and innovation.
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Alex is a project starter, sometimes finisher, writer and illustrator. He started Red Lemon Club in 2009 with the aim of helping talented creative people leave their mark.


  1. Fuzzillustration says

    Thanks for the creative boost. The other day I was thinking how awesome my job is. I get to draw all day while having a mini dance party in my studio.

  2. Richard Lyth says

    The link on the homepage is linking to the ‘How to be a time pro’ article, I had to get here by clicking on ‘comments’. Just FYI! Yet to read the article

  3. future graphics says

    Loved reading this – especially – “you have the potential to change the world”. As I’m currently reading The Design Activist’s Handbook – further aligning me with my ultimate design focus and purpose, your read was a motivator to continue on this chosen path 🙂 thank-you!

      • Yaga Baba says

        Thanks. it is not a real name, however theres a story and a connection with a real one behind it.

        The above post is uplifting. I think there is a load of emotions of all sort behind what we creatives do. It is not only a technical stuff, a creative bit, but moreover there are emotions we need to manage doing our work. This is what as a start-up I struggle the most!

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