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  • Alex Mathers

    Thank you for looking!

  • harsh gupta

    hello pleze help me how to stop my mind to ovr htinking

  • Alex Mathers

    Get out of your mind and into your body. Exercise, be strict with meditation. That is the way.

  • Ankita Bhatt

    Thanks for given this thought it’s effectivally.

  • eashan wali

    No one is born creative, but yeah you can find the artist in you and make every task a game. Trust me that helps. Like I hate math’s and never remember formulaes so I write it down and sing it in the tune of my favourite song and keep humming it all the time. For more tips visit

  • zeeshan raza

    What should i do when i have lost my all motivation how can i get willpower back and feel to do some adventerious…

  • Alex Mathers

    You get aggressive. You promise yourself that you will make a big change, and you set to work doing it. Taking aggressive and alive responsibility is the mother of all sources of motivation.

  • jane

    stupied then why are u putting ur pic

  • Guest

    thab what should i do ;(

  • harsh gupta

    tell me

  • harsh gupta

    thank u

  • harsh gupta

    than what should i do ;(

  • Nitzy @Arlo’sHouse

    It’s brilliant! Thanks for sharing that with us. I really like your article, in content and in style. The illustrations are great too.

    Anyway, I’m going to try that as soon as possible. I use meditation too, it really works.