11 Powerful ways to motivate yourself, right now. And grab life by the horns
So much to do; not enough to; so little we're achieving; how little we care. Regardless, we're not really alive when we're not feeling motivated.
When we do, oh how things seem to move with us, instead of against us. I thought it would be nice to put together some
of the most powerful ways myself and others have found to very quickly get fired up.
Here are 11... 1. Have fun. Device to have fun, right now, with whatever you're doing. Make a game of it. Just making this decision will motivate you.
2. Act your character. How you act is who you become. Don't try, just BE who you want to be.
3. Sit with yourself. Do nothing, breathe, and watch yourself as an observer for awhile. After a while you'll feel a positive change inside.
4. Clean up. Tidy up and de-clutter your surroundings. Environment has a huge influence, and the less distracting and dirty it is, the better you'll feel.
5. Use your imagination. Make the most of your power to visualize a motivated life, and your motivation will follow.
6. Lose face. Give yourself permission right now not to care about what others think of you. Instead turn you attention to making others feel good about themselves.
Your life will change if you can do this more consciously. 7. Ask yourself questions. Questions do well to awaken the mind.
Here are two: What is good in my life? What is there still yet to be done? 8. Reframe your problems
Every solution has a problem. Begin to see the opportunities created by your problems.
9. Take baby steps. Break down what you need to do in to little steps. Make the first step tiny. Walking is easier once you've started.
10. Brainstorm. Get out a pen and write a goal or something you want in your life at the top of the page, and a list of 1 to 20. Write out 20 ideas for attaining it. Do this as
much as you like. Instant motivation. 11. Do something badly. Don't wait until you're perfect to take on a challenge, big or small. Laugh at how bad you are at something, enjoy
it, and see how you change.
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"Your blog inspires me so much, and helps me feel somehow not as insignificant, despite the plethora of artists around the world."Natalie, artist

  • Alex Mathers

    Thank you for looking!

  • harsh gupta

    hello pleze help me how to stop my mind to ovr htinking

  • Alex Mathers

    Get out of your mind and into your body. Exercise, be strict with meditation. That is the way.

  • Ankita Bhatt

    Thanks for given this thought it’s effectivally.

  • eashan wali

    No one is born creative, but yeah you can find the artist in you and make every task a game. Trust me that helps. Like I hate math’s and never remember formulaes so I write it down and sing it in the tune of my favourite song and keep humming it all the time. For more tips visit http://www.collegeokplease.com/life-style/7-unconventional-ways-to-motivate-yourself/338

  • zeeshan raza

    What should i do when i have lost my all motivation how can i get willpower back and feel to do some adventerious…

  • Alex Mathers

    You get aggressive. You promise yourself that you will make a big change, and you set to work doing it. Taking aggressive and alive responsibility is the mother of all sources of motivation.

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  • harsh gupta

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  • Nitzy @Arlo’sHouse

    It’s brilliant! Thanks for sharing that with us. I really like your article, in content and in style. The illustrations are great too.

    Anyway, I’m going to try that as soon as possible. I use meditation too, it really works.