‘Rules for Freelancers’, A Comic for Red Lemon Club, by Grant Snider

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I’m pleased to show you Grant Snider from Incidental Comics’ second installment of some comics he is creating for Red Lemon Club. His first one: ‘Genius Is…’ can be found here.

In this installment, he discloses some crucial rules for freelancers…



The Author

Alex is a project starter, sometimes finisher, writer and illustrator. He started Red Lemon Club in 2009 with the aim of helping talented creative people leave their mark.


  1. Fuzzillustration says

    Thanks for the comic Grant and Red Lemon. “Don’t be afraid to promote your work” is my achilles heel. Like most artists/freelancers I would rather sit a cave and hope works comes my way. But no, I must brave the glaring sunlight of self promotion…. Arg! It’s blinding!

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