Creating Value: How to Make a Creative Product that Gets Seen and Sold

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Creating Value. How to Make a Creative Product that Gets Seen and Gets Sold. As people in the creative industries, one of the most vital parts of what we do is the product or service we provide
It's what we make. It's our core output and source of pride. And it's ultimately what brings recognition, keeps us going and keeps us sustainable...
...That's if you're on the right track... We often see creative people with problems attracting clients, not getting noticed, not succeeding, and being 'underappreciated'. Understanding the idea of value is absolutely crucial in addressing

these issues at the root. I wanted to put together a post that gave a clear sense of everything that needs consideration in making products
that get seen, get loved and get sold.
In clarifying creative products (and services), I like to divide them into two parts. On one side is the core product itself... ... and the other is packaging (this is, but goes beyond, physical packaging), which we'll talk about later on.
Example of core products: Toys, Photographs, Paintings, Writing, Apps, Crafts
What makes your core products valuable?
1. It serves a NEED. There is demand. People are willing and able to pay money for your stuff. There is a large enough market (a specific group of consumers) interested in your product or service. It demonstrates a clear understanding of the people in this market
2. It's of high quality. The passion you have for your work comes through. You strive towards excellence in every bit of your product or service. The product demonstrates some level of experience and honed craft
3. It's distinct. It possesses a unique style that you have developed. It is clearly a different product to others. It has a Unique Selling Point. Barries to Entry - You put in work to create something that is difficult for others to emulate.
Let's now crack open what I mean by 'packaging' and what makes your product and service packaging valuable...
Packaging includes the things that surround, reinforce and present your core product, adding further value and visibility to it. Here are some examples: Physical Packaging, Bio, Customer Service, Visibility Platform (portfolio, website), Written promotional material, Social Proof, Brand
'Packaing' is kind of one side to promotion (or marketing), which I'll cover in another post. Now to what makes your packaging valuable...
1. Customer Service. Striving for excellence. Always aiming to help customers. Speedy. Interaction with others is genuine. I.e. You actually care
2. Brand. You surround your product with a brand that is consistent and distinct. Professional. Memorable.
3. Visibility Platform. Well-written copy. Well-designed website. Smooth navigation and user experience.
Clear and distinct portfolio. I always say that if you have more than one style, to have a seperate portfolio for each, on different pages or on a different site altogether.
4. Bio. Tell your story.
Have an 'about page' describing you and your product.
5. Social Proof. Comments on blog. Your best testimonials. Social buttons showing shares and followers.
Case studies of previous successes.
...And there you have the KEY things that will give your creative product a healthy chance of doing very well, over time. Overall, being PROUD of your product or service, and showing it, lies
at the heart of its success. Make Cool Stuff

The Author

Alex is a project starter, sometimes finisher, writer and illustrator. He started Red Lemon Club in 2009 with the aim of helping talented creative people leave their mark.


  1. Beto Garza says

    Great post Alex, also your works are awesome. So as you say you recommend to have different portfolios if you have more than one illustration Style, i have a geometric vector style and also another more organic with inks and of course some often experiment with pencils etc., what would you recommend me ? here are some of my links.

    Saludos from Mexico ! !

    (sorry if my english isn’t the best)

  2. hartoworld says

    Always on the lookout for ways to promote my stuff – some great tips here and all over the site. Keep up the great work 🙂

  3. Thanks Alex. Would you mind helping me out here. I started a Web Design business, could you elaborate more on number 3, it’s distinct and how I can make my work different from others and for a service like this, how I can use packing tactics? Thanks a lot. Its a great article.

    • Alex Mathers says

      Thanks Udara – I’ll be sharing more about that in coming articles…

  4. Interestingly “packaging” has a lot to do with communication. If you cannot present yourself and your “products” successfully, sure you will have problems attracting a greater audience and spreading the word. Great post!

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  6. whoah this weblog is fantastic i love reading your articles.
    Keep up the great work! You already know, a lot of people are looking around for this
    info, you can help them greatly.

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