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The 20 Most Useful Lessons I’ve Learnt as a Creative Blogger Over the Last Few Years

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As you’ve no doubt seen me write about a good deal, keeping a blog* is one of the things I most consistently recommend as a means to so many fruitful things, including self-promotion, building credibility as an expert in something, and self-teaching/learning/discovery. Having started putting material down in blog-form since early 2009, and staying with two blogs since then, I’ve spent a lot of time experimenting, dealing with feedback and frustration, tweaking, swapping, changing, updating […]

6 Easy Ways of Using Writing on the Internet to Promote Yourself

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There are so many new ways to promote yourself and your brand on the Internet, some of which involve some form of writing. Below, I've taken all the methods that I've taken from a free ebook I made, to share here in some detail. Before you start anything, it is important, to have a plan in mind as you use these methods. They really don’t have to take that much time and effort, but can […]