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Three ways you are needlessly pushing great clients away from your business

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Whether we actively pursue clients we want for our small businesses or not, there are instances when we may be repelling the people who could otherwise have worked very well with us. Often we are completely unaware of this negative dynamic. Quite simply, it is a shame if we are, because many of these actions are avoidable. Here are three ways many of us are pushing prospects and clients away: Read More

Ditch the Shotgun Approach and Use a Market Map to Focus Your Client-Finding Activities

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In a previous life I had a boss who was a devout advocate of the ‘shotgun’ technique for sales and marketing. He liked his numbers big and encouraged his team to ‘fire’ emails and calls blindly at a large list of potential customers, hoping something would stick. This technique spread our efforts too thin, our ‘Dear Sir/Madam’ emails failing to make a genuine connection with prospects, and as a result, our conversion rates were very […]

7 Simple Acts of Daily Self-Discipline that Will Make You a Better Artist / Ninja

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You’ve probably heard it rattled into your brain several times over the last few weeks, even days: if you want to get anywhere in life, take action. And when we’re talking about the projects and businesses we work on, yes, taking action trumps all the planning and learning, fidgeting and worrying you will ever do. Art will not materialise, life will not get organised, connections will not be made, if you are not taking conscious […]

Do You Map Your Client Universe? How ‘Customer Relationship Management’ Can Fix a Lost Creative Career

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For an independent creative, bringing in regular work is important. Obviously. Not only do consistent projects equal consistent income, but life is a lot calmer and more rewarding when your time is filled with projects and not panic. Business literature will advise any freelancer, regardless of industry, that time should be set-aside each week for ‘business development’: aka the hunt for new projects. The truth is, most of us take projects when we can and […]

12 Ways to Amp Up Your Creative Career by Doing Less

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Creativity / Idea Generation / Motivation / Productivity / Taking Action

There is no doubt that as a wider society, we are putting more emphasis on more than ever before. We want to achieve more and take on more things, have more, live more and see more. The diminishing of real threats and outside pressures that existed for many of those in previous generations have meant our priorities on what is important in life have shifted. It is now easier than ever to compare yourself against others, […]

‘Genius Is…’, A Comic About Your Inner Genius, by Grant Snider

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I recently asked one of my favourite comic artists, Grant Snider of 'Incidental Comics', to create a comic for Red Lemon Club. A lot of his work looks at creativity and creative people, so I felt it a must to bring his perspective to RLC. I was pleased when he happily obliged. Instead of butcher his vision with my attempt at a description of it, I'll let you peak into his world, here. Genius is... […]

26 Tools for Chipping Away at the Fear and Becoming More Socially at Ease

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Motivation / Personal Development / Taking Action

As people of planet Earth who share an absolute necessity to relate and connect with one another, we see ourselves at an interesting checkpoint in our history. We are, as a whole, less at ease socially than ever before, even with the connective power of the Internet and the relatively advanced state of society in general. Surveys are showing (at least in parts of the world with better access to technology) people having fewer close friends on […]