An Expert’s Advice on Why Creative Pros Often Struggle with Social Media


A few months ago in Ho Chi Minh City, I was introduced to Ahna Hendrix, a social media manager and writer running her own business. I was immediately impressed by her commitment to - and belief in - what is possible with not just running a business, but specifically using social media … [Read more...]

How to not lose friends and alienate people when selling via social media

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Many of us worry that selling stuff in any way on social media is sleazy and bad. Others promote and sell too much without much thought over how they’re affecting others online. Promoting your wares is absolutely ok on social media. When I talk about ‘promotion’, I’m referring to a direct call … [Read more...]

One thing you are not doing on Twitter every day that will change your life

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I’ve been playing with Twitter for about five years (perhaps I should open the curtains now). I love it for its massive value as a tool for freelancers and biz owners. The one thing I love the most about it isn’t the ability to see instant trending news of celebrity meltdowns, or knowing what … [Read more...]

25 Pretty Quick Ways to Create Work Opportunities For You as a Creative


One of the biggest ironies of having a creative service that people need, be it mural painting or writing, is that through inaction, we deny ourselves, as well as others, the chance to actually use our skills and talents. The reason for this can be rooted to simply not doing enough each day that … [Read more...]

6 Basic Social Media ‘No Nos’ that are Stopping Freelancers from Winning Clients


We all know that there is plenty of value to be extracted out of social media platforms as a freelancing hero. If you get it just right, you can use social networks as a solid source of wonderful long-term clients. Google+ for example, is one platform that has a lot of potential for finding new … [Read more...]