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Should I Be a Master of Many or a Master of One Thing?

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We live in a world that provides many of us with the tools and opportunities to develop skills in so many things. The opportunities are exciting, but can get downright crazy. This, combined with a seemingly endless ocean of people who are competing with one another for the attention of buyers and clients, raises the question: Will we fair better if we specialise in one or fewer things, thus raising our value at that thing, […]

If You Seek Admiration, Your Audience Will Leave You

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I’ve spent much of the last nine years of my life working for myself in several avenues. I’ve run two fairly highly-trafficked blogs that make money and employ several people; a successful graphic art business; a successful consultancy business, built an online social media following to over 120,000 people, and have self published several books that have sold (I’m not in the big leagues - yet - but they do sell). As such, I’ve had […]

How to make your brand more credible to attract bigger clients

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If you have a brand, sell products, or provide skilled services, on top of an outstanding product, you need to be believable in order for clients to want to work with you. As someone who has run his own graphic art business over the last eight years with an interest in working with the very best, I’ve taught myself a good deal on this area. You need to be credible. Read More

How to Get Illustration Clients Course for Illustrators Launches

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9 years in the making, I finally bring to you 'How to Get Illustration Clients'. This course comes in response to my own frustrations and failures, as well as the feedback I get from all of you regularly about struggling to bring in client work consistently, and even knowing where to start. The course does exactly what it says on the box. Build your business and work on projects you care about this year if you're […]

How to Dominate Your Market and Win as a Creative Freelancer in this Slow Economy

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The message we’re getting about the global economic situation via the media is clear: it ain’t great. And it does not look set to improve any time soon. Particularly for the masses. The self employed, and small to medium businesses look set to struggle for the most part for a long time to come. For the most part. Read More

How to not lose friends and alienate people when selling via social media

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Many of us worry that selling stuff in any way on social media is sleazy and bad. Others promote and sell too much without much thought over how they’re affecting others online. Promoting your wares is absolutely ok on social media. When I talk about ‘promotion’, I’m referring to a direct call to action or ‘pitch' for some product or service that you wish people to hear about. About 97% of the world gets it […]

The MOST important thing to know if you want to sell anything, make an impact, and move anyone

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Whether we like to think it or not, we’re all ’salespeople’ in some way or another. This is the case, even if we don’t like to call it ’sales’ and even if no money is exchanging hands. In some form or another, it is very often required of us that we sell ourselves (interviews, dating, meeting new people, and landing jobs) and our products (services, books, products). On 'Enthusing' People Read More

Three ways you are needlessly pushing great clients away from your business

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Whether we actively pursue clients we want for our small businesses or not, there are instances when we may be repelling the people who could otherwise have worked very well with us. Often we are completely unaware of this negative dynamic. Quite simply, it is a shame if we are, because many of these actions are avoidable. Here are three ways many of us are pushing prospects and clients away: Read More

9 Ways Having a Defined Target Market Will Make Your Business More Excellent

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You may hear me talk about target markets a lot around these parts. Obviously I care that setting narrow and well-defined target markets are good for business, and great for sanity. What is a target market? This is the specific group of people that you direct your products, services and creations towards. It is who you create for. It is who you are improving the lives of and solving the problems of with your skills, expertise […]

Ditch the Shotgun Approach and Use a Market Map to Focus Your Client-Finding Activities

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In a previous life I had a boss who was a devout advocate of the ‘shotgun’ technique for sales and marketing. He liked his numbers big and encouraged his team to ‘fire’ emails and calls blindly at a large list of potential customers, hoping something would stick. This technique spread our efforts too thin, our ‘Dear Sir/Madam’ emails failing to make a genuine connection with prospects, and as a result, our conversion rates were very […]