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Over 65 Ways to Make Money From Your Creative Skills

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I’ve spent most of my life devising wacky and occasionally reasonable schemes for making money. As an artist with an interest in business, I’ve often found myself wedged between the two seemingly alien worlds. Earning money from creative expression has always been a contentious issue because many think that money impinges on the integrity of the creative work. Read More

18 Speedy Ways for Freelancers to Earn Extra Money that Actually Work

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Wanna Get Rich Quick? Welcome to my most scammy-sounding article to date. But is it? Getting ‘rich’, well maybe not immediately, but could there be some true-tested ways for freelancers like us to generate some cashflow over days instead of months, especially in tough times? Keeping the freelance money coming in at a steady pace is something I like to help out with on Red Lemon Club, but it can sometimes be tricky, especially if you are […]

8 Key Tips for Contributing to and Earning from Stock Sites

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Yes, those of you strongly against the concepts of 'crowdsourcing' and stout defenders of the rights of creative professionals may cringe at the idea of a post advocating the contribution of imagery to stock sites. Sure, having huge numbers of cut price artworks available royalty-free to download sounds like it's undermining the hard-work of professionals as well as the value of the work they produce. I personally believe people are missing the point when it […]

18 Tools for Destroying Distraction

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There is no question that a dilemma exists over the need for creative professionals to create time and space for working on amazing and high quality projects and the existence of an endless stream of distraction, both from the world around us and through the internet. This article should provide you with a large resource of software tools to help you block out distractions and get more done. “Man must shape his tools lest they […]

How to Work Long Periods at Your Desk and Come Out Healthy

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I think it’s safe to say that most of us find ourselves in front of a computer screen for up to very periods everyday. This has been a personal concern of mine for some time when I think about how much time in a lifetime I might be transfixed to the screen, advice though I don’t think for many of us there is much of an alternative available as yet. Therefore, cheap I’ve got together […]

Ten of the Easiest Ways to Find and Meet New People To Boost Your Career

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Building a network of contacts, medicine whether clients, other professionals in your industry or advisers, is a vital element of your life as a successful creative freelancer. The larger your network of useful people, who can provide new jobs, advice and support, the more opportunities will come your way. Finding contacts on the Internet is a good way of building a network, and having a large and relevant online network is very useful. Taking this […]

Scott Belsky on Organization, Promotion and Building Respect

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To start Red Lemon Club's new series of interviews with industry professionals and gurus, I'm very excited to invite Scott Belsky, CEO and founder of creative network and company Behance, for a discussion on the creative industry. Scott, who has been focused on working to understand how creatives can best organize themselves and their projects since the start of Behance, provides some fascinating insight into the origins of Behance and shares with us some useful […]

Your Online Portfolio: The Rights and Wrongs

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This post stems from a tweet I picked up by illustration wallpaper site Poolga's JC, an online friend and art-director based in Barcelona. He mentioned how difficult it could be to appreciate the work of some creatives owing to the poor design and treatment of their online portfolios. Coming from someone who spends much of his time trawling through portfolios and hiring artists, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to look deeper into this issue […]