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How to Expand Your Creative Business: The ‘Daily Drop-By’ 30-Day Challenge

Landing new paid work for your creative enterprise can be bloody difficult. Whether you run a bigger creative company or you are a part-timer artist, the biggest challenge very often is to win new assignments or commissions. You’ve chosen to...

/ October 20, 2016

11 Things Most Other People Never Do that You Can Do to Win Amazing Clients

Do you do what everyone else does? With so many products and services flying around out there, you’d do well to stand out to attract the fans and buyers who need you. People are responding to this with various forms...

/ October 8, 2013

6 Basic Social Media ‘No Nos’ that are Stopping Freelancers from Winning Clients

We all know that there is plenty of value to be extracted out of social media platforms as a freelancing hero. If you get it just right, you can use social networks as a solid source of wonderful long-term clients. Google+...

/ January 6, 2012

Ten Essential Business Tips for Creatives

To be happy and fulfilled, creatives need to spend the majority of their time creating. To be successful in business, creatives need to spend some time (not a lot!) taking care of basic business concerns. Here’s a list of essential...

/ October 21, 2010

Ten of the Easiest Ways to Find and Meet New People To Boost Your Career

Building a network of contacts, medicine whether clients, other professionals in your industry or advisers, is a vital element of your life as a successful creative freelancer. The larger your network of useful people, who can provide new jobs, advice...

/ September 2, 2010

How to Get More Referrals So You Get More Work

The key to self promotion, and ultimately getting more work as a creative, lies in getting plenty of referrals. A referral is when your services are advertised for you through word of mouth through other people. For example, someone might...

/ January 4, 2010

Using Key Influencers to Step Up Your Self Promotion Strategy

The Internet has only very recently opened up a new kind of opportunity for creatives and others, that hasn’t really been seen before. With the web’s ability to link together people who can interact (key word here) in constantly growing...

/ November 5, 2009

Can Blog Commenting Help You Promote Yourself?

There are already millions of blogs floating around in the cyber cosmos, and new ones are popping up every second. If that isn’t enough, all kinds of people are expressing their views, joining in discussions, and just stopping by to...

/ October 15, 2009