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Over-delivery is the only way to do business as a stand out creative

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Anyone can do what is expected of them as a professional creative. Sounds like a good thing, yes? The problem with doing what people expect you will do might be safe, but it will not help you stand out in the crowd. Indispensable creatives don’t do what people expect they will do. You need to be just as interested in being remembered positively as being found, and that requires that you deliver more. Read More

The Real Truth to Why We Struggle to Market Ourselves and Succeed as Creatives

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Working with hundreds of creative businesses through marketing report-writing and consulting, I’ve seen many patterns emerge, both for what works and what does not. Some of the insights I’ve gathered have been particularly important. A recurring problem amongst creative professionals (but this applies to everyone) is our continued struggle to enthusiastically get our work out into the world. We don’t enjoy the feeling or the process of having to sell or promote ourselves. It feels […]

‘Promo 3.0: Promote Your Art, Without the Selling’, New ebook from Red Lemon Club

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Good news. I finished another book! I'm pretty excited about this one, with it being my mission to get this in front of as many people as possible, with your help. I really do believe this one will improve our working lives and make change. The way work and products are promoted is changing, and it's important that those of us with cool things to share know what is important as things shift. Read More

10 Ways to Attract the Attention of Clients Using Social Media

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No doubt many of you are making use of social media sites like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook to connect with others, share your work, play around, and maybe even dabble in getting jobs through them. Social media sites can provide a treasure chest of new clients and exciting new projects for you if you know some of the tools to open it. If you are looking for regular work, it is possible to attract various great clients […]

Using Key Influencers to Step Up Your Self Promotion Strategy

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The Internet has only very recently opened up a new kind of opportunity for creatives and others, that hasn't really been seen before. With the web's ability to link together people who can interact (key word here) in constantly growing online networks, the knowledge, expertise and support of people, along with their pre-established networks has never been more accessible. Particularly through social media platforms like Facebook or Tagged, it has become possible to get through […]

5 Ways Other People Can Help You Magnify Your Online Presence

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A lot of us get tangled up in trying to promote ourselves online without realising the value in joining forces more often with other people who exist on the web. It can be a wise way to expand your network, pool resources and save time and work. The Internet has opened up a range of exciting possibilities for engaging others in promoting your work effectively. Read More

10 Ways a Newsletter Can Drive Your Self Promotion

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Mailing Lists / Networking / Newsletters / Radical Strategic Visibility

Building up a database of accessible contacts gradually, is in my view one of the key ingredients to powerful ongoing self promotion. One of the best ways to do this is to have people in your network, including fans, friends, previous clients and potential clients, sign up to your email mailing list. Although it doesn't have to be termed as such, a newsletter is the best way to attract people onto your mailing list in […]

Can Blog Commenting Help You Promote Yourself?

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There are already millions of blogs floating around in the cyber cosmos, and new ones are popping up every second. If that isn't enough, all kinds of people are expressing their views, joining in discussions, and just stopping by to say hello in the form of comments left on blogs. In and amongst this seemingly large heap of information, you as a creative freelancer, in need of useful and effective self promotion, may be wondering […]