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Create So Much They Can’t Ignore You

Isn’t the Internet great? Never in human history have we had a better tool for getting our creative work in front of more people. I’m now able to draw a picture on my iPad, and instantly share it to thousands...

/ January 16, 2017

This Approach to Productivity Will Set You Ahead Over the Coming Years

The other day I got more work done in a day than I had in a very long time. I spent most of the day not working. I’m lucky to take advantage of a beautiful pool and a small gym...

/ January 16, 2017

11 Powerful Ways to Motivate Yourself Right Now

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/ November 22, 2016

Create For Yourself, Not for Anyone Else

One of the most valuable lessons of working as a freelancer over nine years has been the importance of doing work for myself, rather than for others. This sounds selfish, because I suppose it is, and I get that this...

/ May 18, 2016

How I Create More Time and Rarely Get Overwhelmed

I still have days where I feel distracted and get less done than I’d hoped. I still have moments where I feel stress and a lack of motivation. There are also days where I spend the entire day working, but...

/ May 2, 2016

12 Ways You Can Outsource Work to Help You Promote Your Creative Business

There are many forces that can pull us away from making a decision to get outside help in growing our businesses and making things run more effectively. We can often be oblivious to the bubble that ensures we stay stubborn...

/ March 14, 2016

The Three Pillars to Being Unstoppable in Life

Wouldn’t it be sweet to feel more motivated, more alive, more upbeat, more awake, more of the time? Well now you can! In only three easy payments… I jest. You know that feeling you get when you’ve downed three coffees...

/ March 5, 2016

4 Key Things to Do to Gain Attention for Your Product When Nobody Knows You

I was recently contacted by a designer who had just launched a new range of greetings cards. He wanted to tell the world about his new creations and start generating some sales, but only had a tiny audience to tell....

/ February 25, 2016

The Worst Thing you Can Do if You are Depressed or Anxious and Why You Need to Leap

Being stuck with your thoughts. Wallowing. Rumination. This has been my default response over many years of dealing with setbacks and negative thoughts. My life has changed since making the leap. That leap did not feature a therapist. I don’t...

/ February 23, 2016

Why My Weekly Checklist is the Best Thing for My Productivity

As an INFJ who is very much ‘feelings’ driven, I have always found it hard to get into a routine and stay organised and disciplined. I usually go do whatever I feel excited about doing over the course of the...

/ February 21, 2016