Life is About the Destination, Not the Journey

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One of the biggest misconceptions is the often over-emphasised idea that “life is about the journey and not the destination”. What it says is that the outcome of whatever you are doing is less important than the experiences you gain along the way. Sorry, but nope. It sure sounds nice and … [Read more...]

29 Quick Ways to Feel Good So that You Can Get Back to Work

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All professions and forms of craft require people to feel good to do their best work. This is particularly profound amongst us creative souls, where emotion and the mood we’re in play a huge part in our output. To make good art, we need to feel good. There’s no doubt about that. Obviously … [Read more...]

Why No One Likes Your Art: 26 Reasons


You work hard at creating pieces of art, design, writing, music, song and dance. But do people truly like what you do? If you want to do well, earn and survive in this industry, it’s quite important that at least a few people do. What follows might come as a reminder of your brilliance but it … [Read more...]

26 Tools for Chipping Away at the Fear and Becoming More Socially at Ease


As people of planet Earth who share an absolute necessity to relate and connect with one another, we see ourselves at an interesting checkpoint in our history. We are, as a whole, less at ease socially than ever before, even with the connective power of the Internet and the relatively advanced state … [Read more...]

Ignorance and Self-Loathing: the Two Most Important Hurdles to Progress and Success


This is a fairly bold statement, though it has not been made without some thought on my part. I honestly think these two concepts, if addressed, can lead to a big reduction, if not complete obliteration, of various or most problems at all levels, personal up to international. As this site is for … [Read more...]