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Over 65 Ways to Make Money From Your Creative Skills

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I’ve spent most of my life devising wacky and occasionally reasonable schemes for making money. As an artist with an interest in business, I’ve often found myself wedged between the two seemingly alien worlds. Earning money from creative expression has always been a contentious issue because many think that money impinges on the integrity of the creative work. Read More

Is Promoting Your Art Desperate?

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Self promotion and marketing have a bad reputation. Drawing attention to ourselves, our art, and our brands feels like we're showing off or sends the message that we are desperate for work, love and attention. People construct zany narratives to accompany the idea of self promotion, such as the cheesy car salesman, or dodgy late night infomercials. These narratives are drilled into us often whether it be through the friends you talk to, your family […]

21 of My Favourite Motivating Ideas That Will Make you a Better Entrepreneur

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As I progress on my adventure as a solo entrepreneur with a love for learning, I like to keep note of some of the ideas from great authors who motivate me to keep going. The following contains 21 of my favourite ideas that have helped me, and continue to fire me up to boldly move towards my targets. I hope they help you too. All the following books I have either read, or read the detailed […]

Notes on How to Price Your Work Like a Hero

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I often get asked about how to best price one’s freelance work when working with clients. How much should you charge? Where do you start? How do you charge at a level that means you keep a client interested, maximise the amount of money you get for your planned (or finished) work, while retaining your self-respect? [For SoundCloud audio of this post scroll to the bottom and listen.] Read More

9 Things I’ve Learned from Sleazy Internet Marketing Tactics That Have Changed My Life

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I’ve always been fascinated by building and running businesses. Finding ways to generate money and to make an impact from one's own creative ideas and one's own hands, without working for someone else, have been a life-long interest. I first picked up the book: Starting an Online Business for Dummies when I was about sixteen in a bookshop in Denver, Colorado on a family holiday driving through the mountains. Since then, I’ve played with using the […]

11 Ways I’ve Made Money in the Last 8 Years, From Illustrator to Consultant

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Editor's note: This article refers to earnings that accrued 8 years prior to the date the post was written. You’ll hear me talk a lot about the importance of earning money and driving revenue as a priority over all else. Too many of us scoot around the importance of a strong, humming cash flow, instead placing more emphasis on things like pursuing passion; dreams, and ‘doing what you love’. These are all important, but you will […]

9 Things I Would Tell My 17 Year-Old Self

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You’ve probably seen one or two blog articles in the ether with a similar title. This one will be different. It has been written based purely on my own experiences. It is unlike anything out there because only I have things I want to tell my 17 year-old self based on my own unique experiences. When I was 17 (I’m 30 now), I was getting ready to graduate from a prestigious boarding school in England. […]

How to Predict What You Will Earn from Your Creative Business Each Month

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Imagine what it would be like if you could predict your income every month. What am I talking about? How could anyone predict their income. Don't be silly. Right? I’m not talking about receiving a paycheque from your employer. I mean being able to know, within a few hundred quid or bucks, what you will earn next month, and eight months from now. Read More

The Missing ‘Gap’ to Getting Rich With Your Creative Skills

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For a lot of us, the idea of getting rich with our creative products and services doesn’t often, if ever, enter our minds. It seems hard enough as it is to find and get clients and customers, and keep a regular income coming in, let alone get wealthy from it. Riches and being creative are not two things that go in the same sentence, unless you are a sleaze-bag or make skulls out of diamonds. […]

How to Move your Creative Business from ‘Time Poor’ to ‘Time Rich’, with One Daily Action

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*Editor's note - this is a guest post from Preston D Lee of 'The Freelance Report', which you can follow here, for great tips and ideas for freelancers. Seven years ago, I started legitimately freelancing for the first time. I was so stoked. “If I can find just one or two new clients every month,” I thought to myself, “I’ll be making more than I could at a desk job, doing something I love and with […]