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6 Simple Steps to Building an Automated Money-Making System with Your Creative Skills

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Let’s be honest here. Most of us want more time and more money. Both will help us create more art. This is what we love to do. But making money is hard and it takes time, you say! You don’t know where to start and how to maximise your earnings. One of the best ways to make more money and more time (at the same time!) is through generating passive income. I make passive income through […]

How to Set up Your Self Promotional Kick Ass Newsletter

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Are you a creative professional/freelancer/guru/genius without a newsletter (or whatever you prefer to call it)? Are you putting time most days into growing your mailing list to which you send this newsletter? If not, sales why not? Every day serves as an opportunity to add prospects and clients and others who have expressed an interest in you and your service, ask or simply followers of your expertise, cheap to your mailing list. Once they are […]

6 Easy Ways of Using Writing on the Internet to Promote Yourself

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There are so many new ways to promote yourself and your brand on the Internet, some of which involve some form of writing. Below, I've taken all the methods that I've taken from a free ebook I made, to share here in some detail. Before you start anything, it is important, to have a plan in mind as you use these methods. They really don’t have to take that much time and effort, but can […]

10 Ways a Newsletter Can Drive Your Self Promotion

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Building up a database of accessible contacts gradually, is in my view one of the key ingredients to powerful ongoing self promotion. One of the best ways to do this is to have people in your network, including fans, friends, previous clients and potential clients, sign up to your email mailing list. Although it doesn't have to be termed as such, a newsletter is the best way to attract people onto your mailing list in […]