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My 7 Rules for Living a Freelance ‘LifeStyle’ Business

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Editor's note: This is a guest post from digital marketing consultant Col Skinner, who works via his brand: 'Profoundry' with a range of people, helping them create digital campaigns to boost their businesses. Between 2009 and 2014 I worked full time roles at three agencies and one large fashion retailer. During this time I found myself very miserable, working for someone else. I would sit at my desk as account managers dropped more and more […]

How I Work with Top Clients and Gained Freedom by Building My Own ‘Village’

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Becoming self-reliant needs to be one of - if not the biggest priority for everyone. Whether you are employed by someone else, run your own business, invest in other businesses, or work freelance, knowing what to do when you are on your own is vital. Self-reliance is freedom, and there are many things that contribute to your understanding of what is required of you to be totally free. Self-reliance does not mean living the life […]

How to Experience a Life Few Will Ever Know and Most Would Envy

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What proportion - do you think - of the things you’ve done in life to date are comprised of things that have separated you from the crowd? How many times have you consciously decided to take a route that very few others would ever dare take? This is a post I know will be completely irrelevant to some of you, because stepping out of conformity feels uncomfortable. To others, being different comes easy, like it […]

Why the strategy for reaching your biggest goals is not working, and how to make huge progress

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How many goals or dreams have you set for yourself that you stopped chasing? A lot of these you might not remember. Many dreams have been rinsed from your memory through selective thinking. I hear a lot of people get excited about a new project; a big plan; a new business; a new book, or a new career. I often cringe when I see these same people years later going about life as if that […]

9 Things I Would Tell My 17 Year-Old Self

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You’ve probably seen one or two blog articles in the ether with a similar title. This one will be different. It has been written based purely on my own experiences. It is unlike anything out there because only I have things I want to tell my 17 year-old self based on my own unique experiences. When I was 17 (I’m 30 now), I was getting ready to graduate from a prestigious boarding school in England. […]

Life is About the Destination, Not the Journey

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One of the biggest misconceptions is the often over-emphasised idea that “life is about the journey and not the destination”. What it says is that the outcome of whatever you are doing is less important than the experiences you gain along the way. Sorry, but nope. It sure sounds nice and zen, but the idea is wrong at best. It is one of the many sayings and concepts that has arisen out of a society […]

The Most Undervalued Tool You Have to Achieve and Create Whatever You Want

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When we look at various people's successes and achievements, we often try to make sense of how they got there. Many are in pursuit of knowing how someone created something of brilliance, whether an accomplished art portfolio, an athletic achievement, a music composition, a honed craft, or a successful business. For all of those people who found success, what most of us usually find is a track record in the protagonist of the following: small […]

Six unconventional ways to create a ton more time in your life

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Hello Red Lemons. Today I wanted to give you some ideas for making more time in your life. Some of these you may already do. Most of these may be unusual to you. All of these will create more time for you. 1. Hire someone to do your online stuff There is a huge amount of low-cost help available out there on the Internet (think Odesk, Guru, Elance) by very capable, skilled people, who can help you take […]