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12 Ways You Can Outsource Work to Help You Promote Your Creative Business

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There are many forces that can pull us away from making a decision to get outside help in growing our businesses and making things run more effectively. We can often be oblivious to the bubble that ensures we stay stubborn about doing everything ourselves. We tell ourselves that we need to do everything because we are perfectionists. We do it ourselves because we don’t want to spend money or spend it unnecessarily. But time is […]

The MOST important thing to know if you want to sell anything, make an impact, and move anyone

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Whether we like to think it or not, we’re all ’salespeople’ in some way or another. This is the case, even if we don’t like to call it ’sales’ and even if no money is exchanging hands. In some form or another, it is very often required of us that we sell ourselves (interviews, dating, meeting new people, and landing jobs) and our products (services, books, products). On 'Enthusing' People Read More

19 Reasons Your Online Portfolio Gets Barely Any Visits

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You are a wonderful artist and you have a great, prostate clean portfolio site featuring lovely new art and pictures you’ve been creating. You’d like more people to see your work and to hopefully get some paid work too. You check your site visits statistics and it’s heartbreakingly low. You decide to send a rushed email to everyone you know with a link to your work. You later regret how desperate you must have sounded, and […]

7 Ways to Turn Your Social Media Connections Into Paying Clients

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So you’ve got a few thousand followers on Twitter and some connections on Google+ or Facebook. Where are the people who want to pay me for doing good work? Well, believe it or not, these potential ‘clients’ are out there using social networks, and they’re willing to pay good money for a job you can do well. Though winning projects will depend on what jobs are out there, the services you provide and the quality […]

10 Productive Things to Do in Your Extra Time

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Even if you’re a networking meistro, there will often be times when you have little or no commissioned work coming in. It’s easy to take this as a confidence knock or grab the chance for an un-scheduled holiday, but this free time can be used productively to further your career. From working on your dream project to learning new skills, your time is your own to use as much or as little of as you choose. Here are […]

18 Tools for Destroying Distraction

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There is no question that a dilemma exists over the need for creative professionals to create time and space for working on amazing and high quality projects and the existence of an endless stream of distraction, both from the world around us and through the internet. This article should provide you with a large resource of software tools to help you block out distractions and get more done. “Man must shape his tools lest they […]

How to Work Long Periods at Your Desk and Come Out Healthy

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I think it’s safe to say that most of us find ourselves in front of a computer screen for up to very periods everyday. This has been a personal concern of mine for some time when I think about how much time in a lifetime I might be transfixed to the screen, advice though I don’t think for many of us there is much of an alternative available as yet. Therefore, cheap I’ve got together […]