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How to overcome writer’s block and other creative blocks…

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Writing when it feels effortless and it just flows is great. Our ideas are out of our heads and onto paper, to inspire and amuse others. Not writing when we need to write; when we want to write, is frustrating. ‘Not feeling it’ has been a problem for me. I’d just chalk it up to ‘writer’s block’ and find something else to be distracted by. Read More

18 Top Illustrators Tell Us Their Biggest Ideas on How to be Successful

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Looking to those who have successfully found their way to where we are currently trying to navigate can provide an invaluable guide to avoiding the steep drops and dead ends that often come up to blindside us. There is never one singular route or clearly-etched map to carving out a fulfilling career as a successful creative professional. With every additional artist you approach, words of wisdom become more complex, nuanced, and unexpected. By putting together a series […]

3 Ways to Instantly Lift Yourself Out of a Bad Mood

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I sometimes find myself in a crappy mood. At least fleetingly, and I'm sure you sometimes feel the same. Whether this has come out of overthinking, not getting our needs met, poor diet, smoking, lack of exercise, being disrespected, or it’s just one of those days, bad moods can originate from a spectrum of causes. That’s for another post. One thing is certain, though. Bad moods suck for getting work done, being creative, and generally […]

6 Simple Steps to Building an Automated Money-Making System with Your Creative Skills

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Let’s be honest here. Most of us want more time and more money. Both will help us create more art. This is what we love to do. But making money is hard and it takes time, you say! You don’t know where to start and how to maximise your earnings. One of the best ways to make more money and more time (at the same time!) is through generating passive income. I make passive income through […]

The Most Undervalued Tool You Have to Achieve and Create Whatever You Want

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When we look at various people's successes and achievements, we often try to make sense of how they got there. Many are in pursuit of knowing how someone created something of brilliance, whether an accomplished art portfolio, an athletic achievement, a music composition, a honed craft, or a successful business. For all of those people who found success, what most of us usually find is a track record in the protagonist of the following: small […]

12 Ways to Amp Up Your Creative Career by Doing Less

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There is no doubt that as a wider society, we are putting more emphasis on more than ever before. We want to achieve more and take on more things, have more, live more and see more. The diminishing of real threats and outside pressures that existed for many of those in previous generations have meant our priorities on what is important in life have shifted. It is now easier than ever to compare yourself against others, […]