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Poor Clients: Who They Are, Why We Work for Them and How to Work with the Best People

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As creative people, purchase unless we are producing things for no financial reward, medical and especially those of us who work on an independent basis, attracting and winning clients and customers is effectively the most important aspect of the package of work we do (beyond the creative work itself). Having seen responses to various questions from hundreds of you, it is obvious that problems with clients rank high on the list of frustrations for creative […]

The 20 Most Useful Lessons I’ve Learnt as a Creative Blogger Over the Last Few Years

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As you’ve no doubt seen me write about a good deal, keeping a blog* is one of the things I most consistently recommend as a means to so many fruitful things, including self-promotion, building credibility as an expert in something, and self-teaching/learning/discovery. Having started putting material down in blog-form since early 2009, and staying with two blogs since then, I’ve spent a lot of time experimenting, dealing with feedback and frustration, tweaking, swapping, changing, updating […]

19 Reasons Your Online Portfolio Gets Barely Any Visits

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You are a wonderful artist and you have a great, prostate clean portfolio site featuring lovely new art and pictures you’ve been creating. You’d like more people to see your work and to hopefully get some paid work too. You check your site visits statistics and it’s heartbreakingly low. You decide to send a rushed email to everyone you know with a link to your work. You later regret how desperate you must have sounded, and […]

5 Ways Other People Can Help You Magnify Your Online Presence

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A lot of us get tangled up in trying to promote ourselves online without realising the value in joining forces more often with other people who exist on the web. It can be a wise way to expand your network, pool resources and save time and work. The Internet has opened up a range of exciting possibilities for engaging others in promoting your work effectively. Read More

Can Blog Commenting Help You Promote Yourself?

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There are already millions of blogs floating around in the cyber cosmos, and new ones are popping up every second. If that isn't enough, all kinds of people are expressing their views, joining in discussions, and just stopping by to say hello in the form of comments left on blogs. In and amongst this seemingly large heap of information, you as a creative freelancer, in need of useful and effective self promotion, may be wondering […]