Write Beautiful Proposals Quickly: A Red Lemon Review of Nusii


A few months ago, a friend of mine and creative freelancing coach Jake Jorgovan connected me to Nathan Powell, a welsh designer and entrepreneur based in Madrid. Jake had plenty of praise for Nathan's proposal-building software with a seemingly irrelevant but unique name: Nusii. We had a … [Read more...]

What does it take to work for yourself, be a success and not be miserable?

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There is a spectrum that exists, running between working for someone else and working for yourself. Theoretically, the ultimate state of the ‘working for yourself’ end of the spectrum is having money work for you and not requiring to do any work at all. Of course, what you do depends on what you … [Read more...]

How to Move your Creative Business from ‘Time Poor’ to ‘Time Rich’, with One Daily Action

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Seven years ago, I started legitimately freelancing for the first time. I was so stoked. “If I can find just one or two new clients every month,” I thought to myself, “I’ll be making more than I could at a desk job, doing something I love and with more free time than ever.” Boy was I … [Read more...]

The Only Reason Most Creative Professionals Fail to Build Successful Businesses

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There are many reasons why creative professionals do really well in business. They have an exceptional product. Their skills are refined and glass sharp after years of practice. They’re motivated. They are on top of their finances. They know how to create work that is commercial, and they are … [Read more...]

How to Use your Creative Skills to Generate Money Quickly When you are Dangerously Low on Funds


As freelancers, many of us know the feeling. Despite all of our best efforts, we can hit a point when our pipeline runs dry. We have no clients and very little money in the bank. Maybe a large job fell through. Maybe a big expense came up. Maybe your marketing tactics just aren’t … [Read more...]