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Outsourcing and crowdsourcing are killing some creative businesses. What do we do?

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I was reminded recently of the massive changes taking place in the world of work, particularly the creative services industries. The exponential growth in technology and the avenues opening up through the spreading of an increasingly more efficient Internet brings with it the good and potentially the bad. [Listen to the audio version of this post on Youtube here] Read More

One Fundamental Thing You Need to Know About Your Illustration Business

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There are a few things I find myself very often reminding other artists about their marketing. Before you think of me as some old nag, this kind of stuff is always on my head because, through always seeking to make Red Lemon Club a more useful place, it’s what I do! No matter what kind of creative awesomeness you bring to the world, be it illustration or dinky little vinyl toys, the following one thing […]

The Real Truth to Why We Struggle to Market Ourselves and Succeed as Creatives

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Working with hundreds of creative businesses through marketing report-writing and consulting, I’ve seen many patterns emerge, both for what works and what does not. Some of the insights I’ve gathered have been particularly important. A recurring problem amongst creative professionals (but this applies to everyone) is our continued struggle to enthusiastically get our work out into the world. We don’t enjoy the feeling or the process of having to sell or promote ourselves. It feels […]