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Why My Weekly Checklist is the Best Thing for My Productivity

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As an INFJ who is very much ‘feelings’ driven, I have always found it hard to get into a routine and stay organised and disciplined. I usually go do whatever I feel excited about doing over the course of the day, so productivity is usually not a problem, but staying focused on what is important is. Because of this, a lot of my productivity can get wasted. Too much energy goes into procrastination and Twitter. […]

Do You Map Your Client Universe? How ‘Customer Relationship Management’ Can Fix a Lost Creative Career

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For an independent creative, bringing in regular work is important. Obviously. Not only do consistent projects equal consistent income, but life is a lot calmer and more rewarding when your time is filled with projects and not panic. Business literature will advise any freelancer, regardless of industry, that time should be set-aside each week for ‘business development’: aka the hunt for new projects. The truth is, most of us take projects when we can and […]

12 Things You Are Doing That Are Stopping You Getting Paid

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As many of us are self-employed, freelancing and/or independent workers in some way or another, the requirement for getting paid in a timely manner is paramount to our very professional existence. As such, getting paid properly is one of the most important things to get right as you navigate your way through the sometimes stormy seas of creative independence. Sometimes, if not fairly frequently, people do come across some snags, even nightmares, that revolve around […]

RLC Talks to Illustrator Rod Hunt on Self Promotion (and more!)

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Rod Hunt is a London based illustrator and artist who has built a reputation for retro-tinged illustrations and detailed character filled landscapes. With UK and international clients spanning publishing, design, advertising & new media, he's illustrated everything from book covers to advertising campaigns, installations and iPhone apps. He's also the illustrator behind the bestselling Where's Stig? books for the BBC's hit TV show Top Gear. Read More

Ten Essential Business Tips for Creatives

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To be happy and fulfilled, creatives need to spend the majority of their time creating. To be successful in business, creatives need to spend some time (not a lot!) taking care of basic business concerns. Here's a list of essential business tips to keep you focused on what's most important. 1. Make Good Offers and Promises Don't sit back an wait for work to come to you. Make offers to help your clients improve their business. […]