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What Karaoke Teaches Us About Making an Impact With Our Art

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Adding Value / Creativity / Remarkability

At a Karaoke bar, you choose your favourite song and sing over a backing track awkwardly. You might be a little tipsy, you might feel shy, and you might be joined by raucous friends. As you relax, you find the words flow better, and your voice glides over the melody. Eventually, you might start to get creative, adding more of your own flavour to the tune. Read More

How to Survive the Biggest Creative Job Decline of All Time

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Adding Value / Freelancing / Remarkability

Are designers, illustrators and visual artists turning into commodities? I was recently asked by a reader to discuss the health of the graphic design and creative industries in general. His concerns centre around what appear to be the ‘commoditisation’ of these industries and the people working in them, with the following example: On an online exchange, you can buy a decent quality illustration for $5 for commercial use. Read More

On the rewards of making others look good

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Adding Value / Promotion

If you forget all else about how to land clients and build solid relationships with people of all kinds, being aware of this one thing will get you very far indeed. Every interaction you make with people from this point on should be to make them look good, important and/or add to their success - or at least help them do so. This applies to businesses and companies, as well as individuals. It’s human nature to feel […]

Why ‘doing your best’ may not be the best career path

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Adding Value / Brand You / Productivity

I recently read in the enlightening book by Gary Keller, 'The One Thing', that there are two ways people approach developing a skill in something. The first is an ‘entrepreneurial’ approach, in which you do something to the best of your ability. An example of this would be an illustrator who takes up illustration part-time to have a go at making an income doing something they’ve always loved to do, and they try their best […]

6 Subtle Things You Do that Lower Your Perceived Value and Diminish Opportunities for Work

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Adding Value / Brand You / Promotion / Remarkability

In the murky ecosystem of working for yourself, the ‘value' of your product or service has everything to do with being in demand. Your value goes up when the demand for what you create goes up. And being in demand is tied to these things: 1. How well your product is a solution to the needs of your market or audience 2. The perception your market or audience has of the demand surrounding your product […]

5 Reasons You’re Struggling with Few Clients and Little Income Right Now

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Adding Value / Clients / Money

Many of us are struggling to keep our little businesses alive, especially over the summer months. In most cases, we’re neglecting to take care of just a few simple things that can turn things around quickly. By drawing our attention to them, we can inject life into our business, and generate sustenance for ourselves in return. Here are five reasons you aren’t bringing in the clients and income you want right now: Read More

The MOST important thing to know if you want to sell anything, make an impact, and move anyone

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Adding Value / Improve Online Efficiency / Promotion / Selling

Whether we like to think it or not, we’re all ’salespeople’ in some way or another. This is the case, even if we don’t like to call it ’sales’ and even if no money is exchanging hands. In some form or another, it is very often required of us that we sell ourselves (interviews, dating, meeting new people, and landing jobs) and our products (services, books, products). On 'Enthusing' People Read More

11 Things Most Other People Never Do that You Can Do to Win Amazing Clients

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Adding Value / Promotion / Referrals / Remarkability / Selling

Do you do what everyone else does? With so many products and services flying around out there, you’d do well to stand out to attract the fans and buyers who need you. People are responding to this with various forms of self promotion and getting the word out there. The trouble is, most people are either simply not doing enough, or they resort to being grotesque (any pop ‘stars’ come to mind?), or they’re doing […]

What Problems Are You Solving? How Great Artists Think Like Entrepreneurs

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Adding Value / Business / Remarkability

How comfortable are you with the idea of calling yourself an ‘entrepreneur’? Even if the word itself is a little trite, the basic meaning behind it is solid enough for the purpose of this conversation. Anyone working as a creative who works for themselves and initiates their own projects, which I imagine is most of you, can be thought of as such. One thing that entrepreneurs have in common in their quest for gaining traction, attracting […]