Red Lemon Club Motivation Idea #7 Create a Career-Shifter Goal!

Red Lemon Club Motivation Idea #7 Create a Career-Shifter Goal!

December 13, 2011 by

We’ve all heard about the how great it is for your career or business to set goals, right? I’m a little sick of hearing about them personally.

The thing is though, they really are important, and really can get you some awesome achievements if you stick to them. But how to stick to them? Sometimes it’s hard to motivate ourselves towards goals.

The reason for this is probably that you haven’t set your goal posts wide enough, and you’re simply not aiming for something that moves you. Another reason could be that, even though you’ve set yourself a big goal, deep down you lack the belief that the goal really is for you.

To get round this, and to really motivate you, create a ‘career-shifter goal’.

This is a major goal that, were you to achieve it, it would noticeably change your own career for the good. Such a goal might be to write a best-selling book, get on the radio, work with a particular dream client, and so on.

This is the kind of goal that will re-kindle any sense of excitement you have about what you do.

Spend some time thinking about the goal. Make sure the prospect of achieving it is something that really excites you and make sure it has a specific deadline. Often this one goal will help you reach other goals associated with your business too.

Here are some more ‘career-shifter’ goal ideas:

  • Have a solo gallery exhibition of your work by Sept 13th 2013
  • Host an event by 1st January 2015
  • Sell 50 products in a month by March 1st 2014
  • Win a BAFTA by January 30th 2017
  • Write a newspaper article by Sept 1st 2014
  • Work with a fortune 500 company by February 3rd 2015
  • Get 5000 hits on YouTube by December 24th 2012
  • Receive fanmail by July 23rd 2016


Best of luck! What career-shifter goals will you set?

About the Author: Alex Mathers

Alex is a project starter, sometimes finisher, writer and illustrator. He started Red Lemon Club in 2009 with the aim of helping talented creative people leave their mark.

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"Your blog inspires me so much, and helps me feel somehow not as insignificant, despite the plethora of artists around the world."Natalie, artist

  • Werner

    Creative thinkers in general aren’t very “goal driven”. Give us a piece of toast and the chance to change the world and we’ll be happy.

    Though, if we do want to go big and stick to it, goal setting is very important. Setting goals is also a good way to get used to working under tight deadlines or working under any time schedule for that matter.

    The thing that helps me most when I set a specific goal is accountability. is one of many online tools that will hold you accountable to your given goal for 21 days. Taking a tool like this seriously can make a huge difference.

    Good post :)

  • Alex Mathers

    Thanks for the comment, Werner – you’re right, but I can’t say it applies to all creatives :) I like your suggestion – great tool!

    Great to know that pretty much anything we need help with is out there in app-form.

    On another note, Red Lemon Club recently shifted its focus from solely creative freelancers to freelancers in general.

    Do you have any thoughts on that Werner and others? I know it takes a little focus away, but it allows me to share more stuff for all independent pros…


  • Werner

    It’s exciting to see so much growth in such a short period of time on Red Lemon Club.

    Although you are taking focus away, it’s always a great idea to broaden the spectrum :)

    Hopefully there will be some different views and discussions coming through.

    All the best!

  • Alex Mathers

    So glad to hear that!

    This change allows there to be more focus on specifically freelancing, and it just so happens that many creatives are either freelance or trying to be…!

    Plenty more to come…!

  • Caroline Leopold

    My performance goals are largely monetary. Since I am a grant writer by profession, I am used to those standards. Except, instead of thinking in terms of raising millions for other people, I want to raise tens of thousands for myself. This is a peculiar shift in thinking. And I LOVE it.