We show you exactly how to work with great clients, sell your stuff, and make an impact with your art.



Red Lemon Club is a refuge for creators, inventors and entrepreneurs who need guidance in a highly competitive world to create and market that work effectively; to build a following, and to make more money from their skills.

We’re tired of people saying that you can’t earn a good living from your art.

Yes, it can be hard if you’re confused and don’t know what you’re doing, but we’re here to change that. We don’t do ‘starving artist’.

We prioritise learning about how to market yourself in the most simple and effective ways we can.

Red Lemon Club was created by founder, Alex Mathers, in October 2009.

What does ‘Red Lemon Club’ mean?

Red Lemons are rare, fresh, and they stand out. So too, are the people that flourish in our community here.

Our mission is to help millions of creative people build an audience, make more money and make an impact with their art.

Red Lemon Club was founded by illustrator and writer Alex Mathers [pronounced 'may'-thers!], who started out studying Geography, then Real Estate, before eventually turning to creating images and helping others make the most of their skills and talents.


Alex speaking at DXSaigon in Vietnam, August, 2014


Now Alex works with clients like Google, Sony, Mars and the BBC, with the ultimate dream of owning and running an animation studio.

He has written four books on attracting clients and standing out, and has written for 99u, Design Taxi, Computer Arts, Six Revisions, and Digital Arts, and does some speaking, including with the Association of Illustrators.

He runs another site for those interested in contemporary illustration, like he is, called Ape on the Moon.


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Alex speaking at OFFF design festival Barcelona, 2014, Roots stage

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