Month: February 2016

4 Key Things to Do to Gain Attention for Your Product When Nobody Knows You

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I was recently contacted by a designer who had just launched a new range of greetings cards. He wanted to tell the world about his new creations and start generating some sales, but only had a tiny audience to tell. With no one seeing his work, he has to put work into building the audience he needs and bringing attention to his new brand. This is why it’s so important to work on building a […]

An Interview with ‘Intern’ Magazine Creator Alec Dudson

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Brand You / Interviews

While intern has established itself as an invaluable platform for young creative talent both with its content and ethical perspective, it's an ongoing discussion which resides in its foundations. When Alec Dudson launched the publication, he did so with the intent to open up a dialogue. It's a subject with which he has first-hand experience and believes to be an essential topic for the industry to be talking about. We had a chat with Alec and […]

Why My Weekly Checklist is the Best Thing for My Productivity

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Administration / Productivity

As an INFJ who is very much ‘feelings’ driven, I have always found it hard to get into a routine and stay organised and disciplined. I usually go do whatever I feel excited about doing over the course of the day, so productivity is usually not a problem, but staying focused on what is important is. Because of this, a lot of my productivity can get wasted. Too much energy goes into procrastination and Twitter. […]

How I Work with Top Clients and Gained Freedom by Building My Own ‘Village’

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Becoming self-reliant needs to be one of - if not the biggest priority for everyone. Whether you are employed by someone else, run your own business, invest in other businesses, or work freelance, knowing what to do when you are on your own is vital. Self-reliance is freedom, and there are many things that contribute to your understanding of what is required of you to be totally free. Self-reliance does not mean living the life […]

21 of My Favourite Motivating Ideas That Will Make you a Better Entrepreneur

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Business / Money / Productivity / Promotion

As I progress on my adventure as a solo entrepreneur with a love for learning, I like to keep note of some of the ideas from great authors who motivate me to keep going. The following contains 21 of my favourite ideas that have helped me, and continue to fire me up to boldly move towards my targets. I hope they help you too. All the following books I have either read, or read the detailed […]

How to Experience a Life Few Will Ever Know and Most Would Envy

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Inspiration / Motivation / Personal Development

What proportion - do you think - of the things you’ve done in life to date are comprised of things that have separated you from the crowd? How many times have you consciously decided to take a route that very few others would ever dare take? This is a post I know will be completely irrelevant to some of you, because stepping out of conformity feels uncomfortable. To others, being different comes easy, like it […]

Tokyo-Based 3D Illustrator Ryogo Toyoda on the Importance of Being Different

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Brand You / Creatives / Featured

Japanese designer, Ryogo Toyoda creates visually electric 3D illustrations in bright, pop colours that illuminate the screen. It's a striking, vivid aesthetic he was able to develop after making the decision to step away from the other areas of design in which he had been working to make the kind of vibrant imagery he had always wanted. Read More

How Several Creatives Are Using Social Media to Win Clients

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Editor's note: This is a guest post from freelance video creator and podcaster Steve Folland. He runs a podcast: Being Freelance - that discusses the freelancing life with a range of creatives. A lot of freelancers I talk to for the podcast find escape from the isolation of freelancing in social media. For them it really is a social experience. Twitter is a great way to chat to like-minded people. Likewise, Facebook groups can provide real support and […]