Month: November 2015

On the rewards of making others look good

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Adding Value / Promotion

If you forget all else about how to land clients and build solid relationships with people of all kinds, being aware of this one thing will get you very far indeed. Every interaction you make with people from this point on should be to make them look good, important and/or add to their success - or at least help them do so. This applies to businesses and companies, as well as individuals. It’s human nature to feel […]

On the importance of self confidence for meandering art-makers

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Brand You / Motivation / Personal Development

Something I’ve experienced personally, as well as a thing that comes up a lot amongst the creatives I’ve talked to over the years is lacking belief in oneself and one’s work. I still suffer from pangs of low self confidence. Sometimes in the past it has been so crippling that I found it hard facing each day. Some days it still happens, but I’ve learned to get on top of it, and see things the way […]

Over-delivery is the only way to do business as a stand out creative

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Brand You / Promotion / Radical Strategic Visibility

Anyone can do what is expected of them as a professional creative. Sounds like a good thing, yes? The problem with doing what people expect you will do might be safe, but it will not help you stand out in the crowd. Indispensable creatives don’t do what people expect they will do. You need to be just as interested in being remembered positively as being found, and that requires that you deliver more. Read More

5 Steps To Stop Feeling Like an Imposter

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Brand You / Clients / Networking / Promotion

Editor's note: This is a guest post from bow-tie making entrepreneur and designer Tim Aton, who writes more good stuff, over here. I wonder if you're familiar with the term 'Imposter Syndrome?' It can wreak havoc on any designer’s self esteem. No matter what level you're at, no matter how many clients you have, at some point, every designer has asked the question: “am I the real deal?” or “am I worthy enough to call […]