Month: February 2012

How Having Boundaries is the Secret to Being a Sought After Professional

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Brand You / Business / Personal Development / Remarkability

This might seem like an odd suggestion, but having boundaries is a major secret to professionalism and coming across as such. This means being someone who sticks to their own defined values, needs and policies and presents them to those they engage with (without coming across as aggressive). Part of establishing boundaries includes defining your values, which might sound cheesy, but it’s worth clarifying what your core values are as a business entity and a brand. […]

7 Ways to Turn Your Social Media Connections Into Paying Clients

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Business / Improve Online Efficiency / Money / Productivity / Taking Action

So you’ve got a few thousand followers on Twitter and some connections on Google+ or Facebook. Where are the people who want to pay me for doing good work? Well, believe it or not, these potential ‘clients’ are out there using social networks, and they’re willing to pay good money for a job you can do well. Though winning projects will depend on what jobs are out there, the services you provide and the quality […]