14 Things You Can Do Right Away to Have More People Buy Your Creative Products

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14 Things You Can Do Right Away to Have More People Buy Your Creative Products
1. Share your expertise on something related to your product

Make use of blogs, podcasts, videos, newsletters, and give talks. Being the expert gives your products credibility, and promotion.
2. Do a mutually-beneficial deal with someone else who could open up more customers to you...
...Such as via their newsletter, and provide something for them in return.
3. Make your products more available in more formats
4. When people buy, give them further options of things to buy at point of sale
Customers are most likely to buy, when they have just bought
5. Do something surprising, such as giving a load of value to a favourite customer or key person without expecting anything in return.
6. Build a newsletter sharing interesting updates related to your work, for previous customers and those interested in your creations
Keep overtly selling to a strict minimum. People on the list will buy anyway, if it's easy to do.
7. Tell your story in the most facinating way possible, and get it out there.
8. Make use of events. Create your own, or sell your products at others, like fairs and conventions.
9. Create more quality products. Previous customers are likely to buy more. Having more, combined with promotion, means more visibility.
10. Contact people for personal commisions. Make sre you've done the research and that the persion you're contacting is a good candidate for your creative work.
11. Increase perceived value. Think of what a customer can get out of your product and emphasize it.
Use good 'sales pages'. I.e. describe your product in a way that excites people about buying.
12. Launch. Make use of product launches and even re-launches to build buzz around your product. Have a launch, online or offline for all your new products. Launch again and again if you like.
13. Give things away for free. What free stuff could you give away that cold lead to actual sales of your other products?
14. Find out about other places that could sell your products on your behalf online and offline. Contact them individually.
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    Following this business model directly would be such a very creative thing to do…..

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