What I ask myself before I decide to quit

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If someone were to ask me what words I’d use to describe working for myself, many would come to mind…

Draining (mentally and of cash)

Of course, these are not words and emotions that are in play constantly, and they are rarer for me now, but it hasn’t always been sunshine and daffodils.

Many times before, I’ve thought about stopping my own thing so that that life can be more secure.

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When you want to do everything, do this.

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Freelancing / Motivation / Productivity

A big struggle of mine has always been the need to do lots of different things. There is so much to keep us busy in this crazy world that can drag us in many directions.

The problem with this is that it’s easy to lose focus. We end up doing less of more. We distract ourselves with the other things we want to do and work on. We become Jacks of All Trades, which is ok, but this can be at the expense of being a master at something and getting ahead and standing out in something specific.

Doing many different things can also mean losing faith in our projects and giving up altogether if we don’t see the progress we were hoping.

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When I am a victim…

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Motivation / Personal Development / Productivity

When I am a victim…

…I feel a weight on my shoulders. It’s pushing down so that I bend slightly at the knees. It’s what they call my ‘ego.’

Every time life was unfair to me; my ego has inflated a little more. Now I carry it around. I have to trudge under the weight.

I feel weary, often depressed, but my ego needs protecting. I was wronged, and so my ego needs to be big and strong to take revenge on life. Life was harsh to me, so I deserve a big, heavy, impenetrable ego.

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Strip Before You Stop

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Motivation / Productivity / Taking Action

You’ve got this thing you’re working on.

That thing you really should do every day for maximum effect.

That thing you talk about a lot.

Writing blog posts; taking pictures; making art; practicing an instrument; contacting new people; reading books; learning languages and shooting videos.

But little materializes, if at all. You love the idea of it, and you think about it all the time. You know you have the talent to create great things, but you’re flagging.

The project is falling behind because you’re not using your day ‘efficiently’ enough. You’re not an energetic person. You’re ‘lazy’. Or you have too many other things on your plate to give it a really good go.

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41 Creative Ways to Get People to Respond to You

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Networking / Promotion / Remarkability

I hate having to stay in touch with people. New people, especially, scare me.

I’d much rather spend my time not meeting all that many people, creating, writing and eating Kit Kats.

Most of us don’t want to be rejected or look weird in front of people.

The truth is, however, that being bold and contacting people – new people and people you already know – will create opportunities.

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The Freezer

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Motivation / Personal Development / Productivity

The freezer. It’s a stretch of time. It’s a way of thinking. It’s a point on a path.

Most are familiar with it; many are moving out of it, and a few have long since left.

You’re in the freezer when you:

  • Are reacting, rather than creating.
  • Don’t believe you can make money doing work you love.
  • Don’t move.
  • Do work that bores you.
  • Consume more than you produce
  • Don’t have enough money to relax into your best work.
  • Work hard at the unimportant things.
  • Are not seeing traction yet.
  • Are not on the minds of many people.
  • Make excuses.
  • Compare yourself to others.
  • Are escaping; avoiding what’s important.
  • Are starting from scratch.

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Value in Volume. How to Make More

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Creativity / Productivity / Writing

I beat myself up when I procrastinate.

Life is so damn short. For me, it’s inexcusable to lose too much time to excuse-making.

But I know how important it is to produce things. Not just one or two things, but many things. Similar things. Day after day after day.

It’s not all about quality at first. Worry about quality later. It’s about getting something down on paper today.

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How to Succeed With This Small Change in Focus

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Inspiration / Motivation / Productivity

Growing any kind of business can be bloody hard. You will make mistakes, doubt yourself and experience setbacks.

I’ve seen all of this on the front line as an illustrator trying to make a living at it. But I’m still here to tell the tale.

If there’s one vital trait for succeeding on your own — that is to be resilient — to be able to continually pick yourself up if you fall.

I’ve seen a lot of people who decided to start their own business or write a new book or start a new painting, who simply stopped. They never completed it.

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