Why ‘doing your best’ may not be the best career path

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I recently read in the enlightening book by Gary Keller, 'The One Thing', that there are two ways people approach developing a skill in something. The first is an ‘entrepreneurial’ approach, in which you do something to the best of your ability. An example of this would be an illustrator who … [Read more...]

Why Following Up Will Lead to More Opportunities In Your Life

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How important do you consider your network of contacts to be to your business? Whether you want to generate a new client project, ask for advice, make a sale or grow your network, your creative business relies on the effectiveness of the communications you make with people who you can serve, and … [Read more...]

How to Get Illustration Clients Course for Illustrators Launches


9 years in the making, I finally bring to you 'How to Get Illustration Clients'. This course comes in response to my own frustrations and failures, as well as the feedback I get from all of you regularly about struggling to bring in client work consistently, and even knowing where to … [Read more...]

Write Beautiful Proposals Quickly: A Red Lemon Review of Nusii


A few months ago, a friend of mine and creative freelancing coach Jake Jorgovan connected me to Nathan Powell, a welsh designer and entrepreneur based in Madrid. Jake had plenty of praise for Nathan's proposal-building software with a seemingly irrelevant but unique name: Nusii. We had a … [Read more...]

9 Signs You’re Not on Your Path, and What To Do About It

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Are you following your path? Do you know exactly what makes you passionate? We are not born with a path laid out for us, like so many of the gurus tout. That’s entitlement thinking, and another reason to sit back and wait for life to happen to you. You need to become aware of your passion … [Read more...]