Why speed is the skill I’m most dedicated to improving

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Nathan was a guy at school who always finished his homework hours before everyone else.

I went to an English boarding school, and they’d put twelve boys in the same room to do homework (prep) every evening.

Nathan would race through his work so that he had time to read his beloved novels.

I’d look over at him nose-deep in the latest Sebastian Faulks (no joke, we were thirteen), while I fumed, toiling over my essay.

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This tiny addition to your creative process could change everything

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Creativity / Inspiration

Creativity can be effortless in some moments and a nightmare in others.

At times, it flows, like a catamaran gliding over glassy waters in a persistent gale. At others, we feel like weary explorers battling through the thick, grasping vines of our jungle minds.

Often we try to start our work when we are scattered. We feel flustered, and we want to be elsewhere.

Our minds wander. We feel scratchy. We pop another glance at those people walking into the cafe.

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What I ask myself before I decide to quit

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If someone were to ask me what words I’d use to describe working for myself, many would come to mind…

Draining (mentally and of cash)

Of course, these are not words and emotions that are in play constantly, and they are rarer for me now, but it hasn’t always been sunshine and daffodils.

Many times before, I’ve thought about stopping my own thing so that that life can be more secure.

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When you want to do everything, do this.

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A big struggle of mine has always been the need to do lots of different things. There is so much to keep us busy in this crazy world that can drag us in many directions.

The problem with this is that it’s easy to lose focus. We end up doing less of more. We distract ourselves with the other things we want to do and work on. We become Jacks of All Trades, which is ok, but this can be at the expense of being a master at something and getting ahead and standing out in something specific.

Doing many different things can also mean losing faith in our projects and giving up altogether if we don’t see the progress we were hoping.

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When I am a victim…

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When I am a victim…

…I feel a weight on my shoulders. It’s pushing down so that I bend slightly at the knees. It’s what they call my ‘ego.’

Every time life was unfair to me; my ego has inflated a little more. Now I carry it around. I have to trudge under the weight.

I feel weary, often depressed, but my ego needs protecting. I was wronged, and so my ego needs to be big and strong to take revenge on life. Life was harsh to me, so I deserve a big, heavy, impenetrable ego.

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